Cam Carlson, Master Furniture Builder
President, Artisan Furniture and Woodworking

Cam Carlson has a love of wood and has plenty of experience in working with and creating masterpieces out of exotic woods.

Cam has been working with wood since 1979.He started his professional career at Works of Art Furniture where, for the last 8 of his 15 years with them, he managed and built up their Custom Furniture business before striking out on his own in 1996.Over the years, Cam has taken several furniture design courses which has greatly enhanced his artistic expressions.

Artisan Furniture has been commissioned to make several pieces for prominent politicians, interior designers, architects, law firms, and the list goes on.His unique pieces also grace many homes in the Regina area.

Cam, who is both a furniture builder and a furniture artist says,

"You've got to be able to visualize. A lot of times customers will just give you a sketch and you've got to be able to expand on that."

Cam Carlson, Master Furniture Builder and Designer